It was 2003 when Straighten Your Paths was officially formed, and I remember thinking, would there be enough of a need for this unique business to succeed? Today, and 12 years later, the resounding answer is not simply yes, but heck yes. In fact, there is now more of a demand than ever for organizational services and coaching. Schedules are more complex, employers are more demanding, and managing technology and social media have added another layer of chaos.

shine housekeeping organization des moines iowa, charitable giving, help for home, home organization, housekeeping, life challenges, Patty Robertson, reduce stress, shineWould it surprise you to know that over 60% of Americans are not effectively maintaining order in their homes because of demands on time, energy, and in many cases lack of know-how? Imagine the time and effort expended by those effectively maintaining order in their homes and lives. Now consider the additional time and energy still necessary to clean their orderly homes. It takes a village!

When I worked in the corporate arena, I traveled, I had young children and with them came activities, and on it went. We were one of those households that managed to maintain order but couldn’t find the time to clean our home regularly, or we nearly killed each other trying. Something had to give. Then came the hiring and firing of cleaning people. What was supposed to reduce stress … in most cases made it worse. My point is, I understand it, and after 12 years of walking alongside clients with every situation imaginable, it’s clear that we need to continue to be creative in how we help bring order to our clients’ lives.

Our clients tell us how they appreciate our willingness to come in and truly want to understand their circumstances i.e. family size, responsibilities, activities, and special circumstances (everyone has them). Once goals are determined, we all roll up our sleeves and bring things to order. If you are one of the lucky few maintaining household order but still struggling to get it all done, you are one of the reasons we’ve launched Shine.

After careful consideration, which included input from both clients and employees, we concluded that housekeeping services are the perfect compliment to the organizing side of the business. Notice we use the word housekeeping instead of cleaning. While cleaning is predominantly what we do on the Shine side of the business, we bring added value from the organizing side. The core SYP and Shine housekeeping teams are made up of women who, once upon a time, left their careers to raise their families and run their households … they know what you’re up against and are eager to help.

Be sure to subscribe to our blog where we will be featuring a variety of success stories over the next 4-6 weeks. You are far from alone on this journey. We would love to hear from you and have the opportunity to be an objective form of encouragement and direction at this point along your path.

Shine on!

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