charitable giving, cleaning, home organization, housekeeping, life challenges, Routines, shine, futureAs I write my last post for 2015, many thoughts flood my mind … reflections on this year, memories from prior holidays, dreams and goals for the upcoming year, and on it goes. I try not to get too far ahead of myself in setting goals for the new year; nevertheless I sometimes get stuck in or anxious about my yesterdays as I plan for the future. Through the years I’ve learned to maintain a healthy respect for the past. At the same time, I hold onto tomorrow with confidence knowing my Lord goes ahead of me. As for today, I try my best to relinquish control knowing that today could be my last. And, what if today is my last day? Would I conduct it differently? Most certainly. Is my house in order? For the most part. BUT, there’s always more to do, and we quickly lose sight of the fact that tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us. Instead we attempt a plan and end up over-scheduling our days and weeks because we live in a country of great freedom with countless choices … choices we tend to take for granted.

January is National Organization month in the United States. charitable giving, cleaning, home organization, housekeeping, life challenges, Routines, shine, futureI know of no other country with such a designation. Is it because the USA has the greatest risk of acquiring so many things that they set aside a month to organize all of these things (the month following Christmas, no less)? Please don’t misunderstand my messaging here, it is not intended to invoke any sort of guilt or shame, but rather a heightened sense of awareness. Many of our clients express immense relief once they understand the burden caused by possessing too much stuff and what it takes to manage the excess. The real relief comes when possessions are passed on and order is restored. As you begin to reflect upon 2015 and make plans for 2016, try not to focus on the blunders of yesterday without using these memories as a means of growth for 2016.

Our blog posts for January 2016 will feature tips for getting organized … not overnight, not in one weekend, not even within one month, but more importantly for life. The most important step in my opinion is realizing the importance of planning and organizing. The second step is starting, not with a grandiose plan, but simply starting. Check back next week for the first of four approaches to restoring order.

Our best wishes to you for a bright and joy filled 2016!



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