The Shine Mission

expert housekeeping services des moines iowa missionOur Mission:

Serve as a positive presence while providing organizing and housekeeping solutions during chaotic and uncertain times.


Working to empower our clients and serve those living with less.


  1. We serve God first. He is delighted when he finds someone he can generously bless who will keep him first and use what they have to be a blessing to others. We believe God’s will for his people is to be prosperous in every area of their lives. However, prosperity and abundance can complicate our lives when we have more than we can use or need. It is an unbalanced attitude toward the two that can create the problem.
  2. We make prayer a priority. The more we try to do things on our own without asking God to be involved, the more complicated our lives become. We support our team members and their families through prayer, and we continually pray for our clients and their circumstances.
  3. We lead with love. Because Jesus left us with this command, we choose to love others over judging others or their circumstances. It is very easy to glance at someone’s situation and quickly judge without really knowing anything at all. We carry this out by listening, helping, encouraging, and giving.
  4. We encourage margin not perfection. Unrealistic expectations will quickly steal your peace and joy and will leave you with little time for anything positive. It is better to do less with peace than do more with stress.
  5. We believe discipline is a faithful friend. Discipline enables us do what we know we should do, but likely will not do without help. We believe the pain of change is always better than the agony of no change. If you desire your home to be neat, clean, and in order, you must discipline yourself to keep it that way. It won’t happen by any other means.